S205 LED Grow Light


  • CREE 50W COB LED and 5W LED chips.
  • Full spectrum with optical lens, 90 degrees.
  • Built-in timer with two switches.
  • True 205W power draw
  • Not sell to USA and Canada.


Why choose this LenoGrow S205 LED Grow Light?

1. Adopted American Cree white 50W LEDs, it makes the light brighter and more powerful.
2. Adopted 5W Taiwan LED chip, brighter and stronger than 3W LED chip.
3. Equipped 90 degree optical lenses, increase light intensity and penetration on plants canopy.
4. Built-in timer, 10/12/14/16/18/24 hours for selection. Don’t need to turn on/off the light every day.
5. Two switches: one control Cree 50W white LEDs, one control 5W LEDs. You can turn on/off one or both according to your growing stages.
6. 2016 Newest design. Its 6-band spectrum is optimized based on research and practices of our partners and us.
7. Decrease annoying noise. When heat sink is below 50
/122,the fans run at low speed; when heat sink is above 50/122, the fans run at medium speed; when heat sink is above 60/140,the fans run at full speed; when heat sink above 70/158,the light shut down automatically.
8. Suitable for vegetative growth and flowering, hydroponics, horticulture, greenhouse, grow rooms, grow tents, seeding, breeding, farm, flower exhibition, garden, bonsai, etc.

Input Voltage: AC100 – 265V 50/60Hz
Input Current: 0.95 – 1.87A
LED Power: 2 x 50W USA Cree LED + 32 x 5W Taiwan LED chip
Actual Power Draw: 205 Watt
Dimensions: 14.8″x7.8″x2.75″
Spectrum: optimized 6 bands
Beam angle: 90 degree
Net weight: 7.9lbs
Not water resistant

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