G672 LED Grow Light

G series LED grow lights are perfect for greenhouses and greenrooms, water resistant and dust resistant, no fans no noise. Power includes 200 watts to 800 watts. This series lights can be connected to Zigbee wireless system for intelligent control.


1. Built-in 672pcs SMD3030 1 watt LEDs.
2. 90 degree optical lens, help to increase light penetration; customers can choose 60 or 120 degree optical lens as well.
3. UL LED driver, optional dimmable function, not include dimmer.
4. Water resistant (IP65) and dust resistant.
5. No fans and no noises, provide you with silent grow lighting environment.
6. Can be connected to Zigbee wireless system for intelligent control.
7. Modular feature, user can use 2 and more lights to combine bigger lights.
8. 5 years warranty.

Input Voltage: AC90-305V 50/60Hz
LED Quantity: 672pcs 1W 3030SMD LED
Actual Power: 360-400W
Dimenstions: 521x260x248mm
Spectrum: Full Spectrum (red, blue, white, IR, UV), customer can customize spectrum
Dimmable: optional, need an external dimmer (NOT included)
Can be connected to Zigbee system, please refer to the system diagram picture and contact us for details

If you are interested in this item, please feel free to contact us: sales@lenoled.com, we will reply you soon.


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