About Us

Lenoled Lighting Co, Limited is a LED lighting designer, supplier and manufacturer. Our manufacturing base located in Shenzhen, China. We focus on manufacturing LED lighting products with a lower price/performance ratio. Lenoled can provide LED lighting products and technologies for Grow lighting, Commercial lighting, Aquarium lighting. All our products are exported to Europe, North America, Australia and some Asia countries from 2010. Our mission is to follow customer’s heart, devoted to provide customers with products and services for fulfilling their current and future needs. Everything we do reflects this mission and honors the value of this mission.

As a company or individuals, we agree with the following values:

Reliable: honest and trustworthy, to be a reliable partner and friend, to supply reliable products.

Cooperation: plainly get along with people, actively cooperate with customers, partners or other staff.

Communication: willing and know how to communicate with customers, partners or other staff.

Professional: be strict with ourselves, insist on self-improving and self-perfecting, show professionalism, professional skills and professional services.